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Image by Daniel Sinoca


The IN-EXON project is a work-in-progress that encompasses three devices: the inflatable exoskeletal suit, the exoskeletal cell for rescue operations, and the injury management device. The key commonality between these three inventions is the IN-EXON's technology. The distinguishing features of this technology lie in its combination of portability, modularity, adaptability, flexibility and support. The devices are intently designed to enable individuals to use the device independently, even in cases of reduced mobility or challenging conditions. The project embraces the vision of self-empowerment and the celebration of one's abilities. Concerning the exoskeletal suit, the innovative and captivating design aims to shatter the notion of disability and replace it with a device that is not only functional, but also enjoyable to wear. Additionally, the use of readily available materials keeps production costs competitive and accessible to a wide audience. It is important to note that the technology and devices are currently the subject of an internationally patented invention that is protected in 149 countries

Our vision for IN-EXON is to become a global leader in accessible and adaptive exoskeleton technology.

Our primary objective is to establish a production line that facilitates the commercialization of the exoskeletal suit in a market accessible to anyone who can benefit from it. The goal is to break down the barriers of motor dysfunctions and make it possible for everyone to enjoy aquatic activities. We aim to distribute the product at an affordable price to both major retailers and local providers.

Secondly, our ambition is to create an emergency management network involving both public and private entities, with IN-EXON as the leading provider of rescue and injury management technologies.

We envision a future where IN-EXON is synonymous with accessible and reliable support systems that enhance the effectiveness of aid services and the quality of life for individuals worldwide.

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