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Market research carried out in the world's advanced economies has highlighted that large leading companies in the industrial and service world are investing in the sector aimed at disabilities. The market currently aimed at these customers is undersized and inadequate to cover demand (go to Numbers).
The most relevant aspect is that there is no defined demand and therefore no offer to propose.
In fact, the demand cannot be generated because there are not enough useful and interesting devices on the market to be known by the reference disabled market. Sport in all its disciplines does not provide devices to make the performance of the same accessible in total psychological freedom, not offering the disabled the possibility of purchasing the device at the same shop.
This does not make Him disabled, but the STORE DISABLED TO SERVE HIM.
​In summary the current market is neglecting a hidden financial resource, behind inadequate policies and unjustified prejudices.
Reference market
Our target market includes:
  • Rehabilitation centers: provide physiotherapy support in aquatic environments.
  • Individuals with mobility issues for sport and leisure: Offer improved performance and safety for aquatic activities.
Market trends:
  • Transform mobility assistive devices into aesthetically pleasing design elements.
  • Move away from the concept of devices for people with disabilities and embrace the vision of self-empowerment and personal capabilities.
  • Shift towards adaptable and modular solutions in healthcare and industrial sectors.
Reference market
Our target market includes:
  • Humanitarian and health services and organisations: providing rescue in challenging environments or primary care with an enhanced service.
  • Military organizations: Performing military operations with assistance solutions that require less effort and resources.
  •  Individuals who love the outdoors, or in general any activity that may require immediate assistance
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