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psycho engineering

The current state of the global market in terms of disability offers a scenario that goes against the trend compared to the general economic scenario of great difficulty. The current policies of inclusion and modernization of social areas provide for massive flows of resources and restructuring of infrastructure, especially in urban areas, with clear interests in the development of well-being even in low-income countries. Until now, disabilities constituted a high and continually growing social cost, as they were interpreted as a disabling disease to be marginalized from daily social life. This barbaric and unjustified ideology is today put aside by offering a correct vision of reality: society is DISABLED because it has not provided all the infrastructure necessary to offer fair living conditions and equality to the citizens who are part of it. This civil and correct vision of the inclusion of disabled people has taken on an important role in the political directions of governments, overcoming conflicts between party currents, always finding visions of common agreement. The medium-long term future forecasts are extremely certain regarding increases in investments in infrastructure and projects regarding devices for improving gender disabilities. The direction that has now been outlined by the governments of all the world's economies is aimed at improving the living conditions and psycho-physical well-being of its inhabitants. OF ALL ITS INHABITANTS WITHOUT EXCLUSION OF GENDER AND ACTIVITY. The economic agendas of the States provide for investment funds, incentives, financing and non-repayable investments for all development initiatives and projects in the DISABILITY sector
Modern society develops on a model of individual psycho-physical balance. Scientists and psychiatrists work together to develop advanced technologies to offer useful and revolutionary devices that will allow everyone to have equal social opportunities and contribute together to building a healthy society. This innovative engineering and psychiatry project will be fundamental for approaching the future.

The aim of the in-EXON project is to guide the individual to make the right choice, to obtain a correct device suitable for his choices, guaranteed by experts.
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